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APICS Webinars

The convenience and flexibility of APICS Webinars enable organizations to educate a large number of employees at once, reduce travel expenses, and maintain consistent levels of productivity by eliminating time out of the office. Each 60-minute APICS Webinar features an educational discussion, case studies, and a Q&A session. All you need to participate is an Internet connection and a telephone. As an added benefit, registrants of each APICS Webinar receive a CD-ROM of the presentation after the event.

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) How-Tos
Presenter:John R. Dougherty, CFPIM
Date: Tuesdays, Novemebr 6, 13, 20, 27 and December 4, 11
Year: 2007

Sales and operations planning (S&OP) is a collaborative communication and decision-making process that balances supply and demand across the extended supply chain, maximizing financial performance and customer satisfaction. It brings sales, marketing, development/design, engineering, operations, and finance together to develop a single, consensus-based set of plans.

The APICS Sales and Operations Planning Webinar Series provides you with basic terminology and equips you with a detailed, comprehensive understanding of S&OP and the processes involved. Real-life examples of successful implementation processes in manufacturing and distribution companies will be referenced. The series will emphasize proven techniques and present you with knowledge of the processes necessary to improve an existing S&OP process or implement an effective sales and operations planning process at your company.

Top Learning Objectives

  • Drive continuous improvement through better managed forecasts, inventories, capacities, and supply chain resources.
  • Develop a plan that synchronizes sales, marketing, development/design, engineering, finance, and operations.
  • Deploy S&OP in multilayer, global, supply chain management-driven environments.
  • Integrate S&OP with lean manufacturing, total quality management/six sigma, enterprise resources planning, manufacturing resource planning, distribution resource planning, advanced planning and scheduling and new product development.
  • Focus on serving customer needs in sales and production plans.

Session #1: S&OP Definition, Processes and Steps

  • Sales and Operations Planning: What and Why
  • Tools for Linking Volume with Mix
  • Monthly S&OP Process

Session #2: Monthly S&OP Process

  • Supply Planning
  • Meetings

Session #3: S&OP in Different Operating Environments and Integrated with Continuous Improvement Processes

  • Getting the Product to the Customer
  • Integrating with New Product Development, Lean Manufacturing, and six sigma/total quality management

Session #4: S&OP and the Extended Demand and Supply Chains

  • Customer Linking
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Outsourcing
  • Third-Party Manufacturing

Session #5: Financial, Organizational, and Size Issues

  • Financial Planning
  • Small and Privately-held Companies
  • Global Businesses and Matrix Organizations
  • Managing Through Changes in Ownership

Session #6: Implementation, Operations, and Results

  • Implementation
  • Operations
  • Benchmarking Your Process
  • Experiences of "Best Practice" Companies

Who Should Attend

  • S&OP process owners and sponsors
  • Managers from finance, sales, marketing, manufacturing, engineering, development, planning, supply chain, and distribution
  • Demand managers, forecast analysts, and product managers
  • Production managers
  • Master schedulers, production planners and schedulers, distribution planners, inventory planners, and supply chain analysts.

Level: Intermediate

About the Presenter
John R. Dougherty, CFPIM, has provided direction for manufacturers since 1977. He provides hands-on assessments and consulting, and also delivers company-focused educational sessions to organizations in a broad range of manufacturing industries, enabling them to successfully improve their logistics, resource management, and planning and control systems and approaches. Many of these companies have reached Class A level of achievement. Dougherty is the coauthor of Sales & Operations Planning: Best Practices, 2006.

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